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May 2023

12 Tracks: Eye Of The Storm * You And I * Everything You Need * Vancouver Island * Another World * Emergence * Your Love * Good Times Never Die * Legends Of The Sun * Together Again * Gun Fhios * The Beasts Of Bone Lake.

'Tempus' is the sixth studio album release from the multi-award-winning supergroup Skerryvore.

Now an eight-piece band Skerryvore go from strength to strength delivering Scottish Roots music with a modern alternative pop flavour.

"Tempus, an album epic of melody, intimate of feeling and plugged into the roots of Scotland but blasting out to the world."Jo Forrest, Totalntertainment.

"We wanted to get the production bigger, more fully formed. We wanted to make music on a much bigger scale, to reach a lot more people. But in doing that, we also had to write and record songs that are still what make Skerryvore what we are." Alec Dalglish, Skerryvore.

Skerryvore: Daniel Gillespie (accordion), Martin Gillespie (bagpipes), Alec Dalglish (vocals, guitar), Fraser West (drums), Scott Wood (bagpipes, whistles), Craig Espie (fiddle), Jodie Bremaneson (bass) Alan Scobie (piano, keys).

Guest musicians: Ciaran Ryan (tenor banjo), Alice Allen (cello), Unoma Okudo (vocals track 7)



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