Norman Paterson - Torn

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August 2023

14 Tracks: The Pier * Torn * Two Rivers * The Heart Of The Hebrides * Tender * Silver Locket And A Key * The Tree That Bends * The Alchemists * Tides That Turn * Mary Ann * When The Yellows On The Broom * And The Healing Will Begin (Margaret's Song) * Accident Or Design * Suilisgeir.

A debut album of self-penned songs by singer-songwriter Norman Paterson inspired by the island he left more than 30 years ago.

The tracks on this album reflect daily life in the Outer Hebrides where Norman was born in 1957.

Includes a booklet with song lyrics.

Norman Paterson (guitar, vocals), Anna Massie (guitar, mandolin, banjo), Angus Lyon (keyboard, accordion), Allan Train (pedal steel guitar), Susy Wall and Findlay Napier (backing vocals).

"Norman's songs bypass the brain and go straight for the heart. (That's code for some of his songs make me a bit teary). I think of him as the Hebridean John Prine" Findlay Napier.

"A songwriter whose compassion pours out in every word and lyric, Norman's writing moved me to tears with its beauty" Declan Welch of Declan Welch and the Decadent Welsh.


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