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August 2023

11 Tracks: Song From The Last Page Of How To Be Both * Song From The Last Page Of Lanark * Songs From The Last Page Of The Pink House * Song From The Last Page Of Treasure Island * Song From The Last Page Of News Of The Dead * Ba Ba Mo Leanabh * Song From The Last Page Of Duck Feet * Song From The Last Page Of Sonny And Me * Song From Near The Last Page Of Peter Pan * Song From Near The Last Page Of  The Valley Of Fear * Song From Near The Last Page Of At The Loch Of The Green Corrie.

'Songs From The Last Page' is a songwriting and performance project created by composer Gareth Williams.

The album takes the last page of great literature and features the words of Alasdair Gray, Ali Smith, J.M. Barrie, Jackie Kay, Arthur Conan Doyle, and Robert Louis Stevenson.

Gareth Williams (vocals, backing vocals, piano), Deirdre Graham ( vocals, backing vocals), Aisling O Dea (violin), and Justyna Jablonska (cello).

"By focusing on the last lines, we are right where the story has almost run its course - and all that remains is one last beat - and those beats are often tragic or poignant or wistful, or romantic, joyous and exhilarating. I set myself the challenge as a songwriter to try and hold on to these final moments for just a few extra minutes, to try and sustain the spell that they cast." Gareth Williams.


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