Celtic Reels 'N' Jigs For Guitar

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Contents: The Fairy Dance * The Mason's Apron * Loch Leven Castle * Miss May Hay * Jenny Dang The Weaver * Dunvournie * Christmas Eve * Pretty Peggy * St Anne's Reel * The Merry Blacksmith * The Old Verdi * Ishbel Borland's Reel * Green Grow the Rashes O * Fly By Night * Jack A' Tar * Joan's Hornpipe * The Reconciliation * The Firefly * The Fisher's Hornpipe * Alpha's Comet * Evans * Banish Misfortune * Lark In The Morning * Peggie's Wedding * Prince Charlie's Medley * Sgian Dubh * Ride A Mile * The Stool Of Repentance * Da Full Rigged Ship * I'll Tell Me Maw * Johnny O'Leary's * Old Hag You Have Killed Me * Eva Wighton's Dance * The Butcher's March.

A book of lively Traditional Scottish And Irish Tunes tunes arranged for guitar by Duncan Kennedy.

Duncan Kennedy is a well known guitar teacher in the Highlands. He has arranged these popular fiddle reels, jigs and other dances for the guitar repertoire.

A great selection of traditional tunes with melody line in staff notation, chords and tablature.

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