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Tunes: Hut On Staffin Island (Simple version) * Hut On Staffin Island (Advanced version) * Far From Home * Grace Notes * Rory Gallagher's Jig * Banks Of The Allan * Jig Of Slurs * Garster's Dream * Chromatic G Scale * Miss Campbell Of Sheerness * Lads O' Duns * Da Shaalds Of Foula * Road To Banff * The Duck * Ascending 2 Octave G Scale * Spootiskerry * Flowers Of Edinburgh * Ascending 2 Octave D * Wind That Shakes The Barley * Jenny Dang The Weaver * Niel Gow's Lament For His Second Wife * Arpeggios On A/G/D * Bovaglie's Plaid * John McNeil's Reel * Tongadale Reel * G Major Scale * Aandowin At The Bow * Jack Broke Da Prison Door * D Major Scale * Donald Blue * Sleep Soond In Da Mornin * Hillhead * The Westcoaster * Accompanying Tunes On The Guitar * The Lea Rig * Laird Of Drumblair * Spey In Spate * Miss Shepherd * Session Etiquette * Neal Slessor Thompson * The Mathematician.

This popular guitar tutor book by John Carnie, highlights the guitar as a melody instrument for playing traditional Scottish jigs, reels and slow airs.

Includes a demonstration CD of all the tunes to help you learn them.

John Carnie has been playing traditional tunes on the guitar since the 1980s both solo and also as part of acoustic or electric line ups such as the pioneering ceilidh rockers Desperate Danz Band.

Scottish jigs, reels and slow airs on guitar with tab and staff notation.

Forty four pages of great Scottish tunes. These arrangements are great for concerts or sessions and can played in a combination of flatpicking and fingers or fingerstyle only.

Level: Beginners

A4 book, 44 pages.

"Teaching lies at the heart of the development of traditional music and passing on of skills by masters of their music inevitably raises the bar. In time this book will make a significant contribution to traditional music and the guitar." Pete Haywood, The Living Tradition.

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