Rena Gertz - Bridges

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14 Tracks: Oran Na Breugan * Die Gedanken Sind Frei * Cnoc Nan Torran * Call Me To The Dance * La Montanara * Sealgair A' Choilich Bhuidhe * Norland Wind * Thug Mi Gaol * Du Weisser Schnee * Chi Mi, Chi Mi Fada Bhuam * The Birks Of Aberfeldy * Bean A' Chotain Ruadh * Rifugio Bianco * Creag Ghuanach.

'Bridges' is the debut album of singer Rena Gertz.

The album features a broad repertoire of songs in Scots, English, Gaelic, Italian and Rena's native German Language.

This album has been a labour of love for Rena and she dedicates it to her parents.

"Singing in various languages has become one of the greatest joys in my life, and I love sharing my songs and their stories with an audience. Over the years, I have built a repertoire of a wide variety of songs, having been privileged to learn from some of the greatest traditional singers." Ruth Gertz.

Karen Marshalsay (harp), Alan Murray (guitar), Paul Murray (fiddle), Andrew Lyon (flute), Michael Jesionowski (piano) and Murdo MacLeod.

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