Còisir Ghàidhlig Bharraigh - Ciosmul

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12 Tracks: Air An Tràigh * Do Làmh, A Chriosda * Tha Mise Gad Ionndrain A Ghràdh * Tha Bainne Chruidh Aig  Mòrag Bheag * Chuala Mi'n Dè * Màl Na Mara * An Fhaoileag  Bhàn * Bean A' Chotain Ruaidh * Tàladh An Iasgair * Thigeadh Fear Le Buaile Chruidh * An Ionndrainn * Loch Na h-Òb.

Còisir Ghàidhlig Bharraigh was formed in 2015 to help foster the Gaelic and musical culture of Barra and Vatersay.

This album, 'Ciosmul' was recorded in 2017, under the baton of talented conductor/musician Lisa MacNeil and music producer/ multi-instrumentalist, Mick MacNeil.

Due to COVID, the album was launched in July 2022.

The album also features a number of solo tracks from local Gold Mòd medallists – Maeve MacKinnon and Catriona MacNeil, as well as a beautifully written tune by Lisa MacNeil, with Duncan Johnstone on the fiddle.

The album cover is a painting by a chorister, Sarah Ann MacLeod.



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