Mary Ann Kennedy, Finlay Wells, Nick Turner, Donald MacLean - Talamh Beò (Living Land)

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September 2022

13 Tracks: Toiseach * Dachaigh * Puffin Bistro (Part One) * MacAskill Croft * Eimhir * Puffin Bistro (Part Two) * Eddrachilis * Trawler Beat * A Bhan-Asainteach Agus An Saighdear * Ceilidh Buan * Ath-Thoiseach * Puffin Bistro (Part Three).

This full-length album release was inspired by the living landscape of Coigach and Assynt.

Talamh Beò is a hymn to a people and place. It celebrates the communities, the language, and the culture that underpins their human history.

Mary Ann Kennedy (lead vocals, harp), Finlay Wells (guitars), Nick Turner (technical director) and Donald MacLean (speech vocals).

Featuring: James Graham (guest lead vocals), James Mackintosh (percussion), Patsy Reid String Quartet), Simon Ertz (solo viola), DJ Zeeny (cuts).

"Coigach and Assynt is a land and a people in constant motion. The voices and experiences of its people, sung out through their music and stories, paint a great canvas of human experience against a backdrop of rocks as old as the earth itself and a landscape which tells its own dramatic tales of the cycle of life. We spent lockdown creating this new music in isolation in our studios and cut off from Coigach and Assynt itself. It's truly wonderful to be able to make this music a live experience and to take it back to its source of inspiration, thanks to Blas Festival this year." Mary Ann Kennedy.

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