Fiona J MacKenzie - Tac' An Teine (The Fireside)

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September 2022

16 Tracks: Failte Go Taigh Chanaigh * Spinning Set * Ailein Duinn * Music Box Plays Bonnie Dundee * Puirt a Beul * Diuram * Milking Set * Fiddle From Margaret And "Anndra" * A Canna House Luadh * Lavender's Blue * Talaidh Choinnich Oig * Ho Mo Leannan * An Gille Donn * Mo Chasan Dubh * The Basque Set * Ciobair An Lasa.

The latest album from award-winning and highly regarded Gaelic singer Fiona J MacKenzie.

This is Fiona's fourth album released on the Greentrax label.

"THIS ALBUM is the culmination of many years working with and learning about the song collections and recordings made by John Lorne Campbell and Margaret Fay Shaw in their years as Gaelic folklorists and song collectors. As Archivist for the National Trust for Scotland in Canna House, I have been privileged to look after these wonderful collections, something which has been a life's ambition. Before I rushed into recording my own interpretations of them, I have waited until I felt that I truly understood how John and Margaret would want these songs to be heard and understood. This album is about the contributors, the songs, and how we can learn from them today, to be inspired by them and to use them to create the New from the Old. I hope that the songs are clear and easy to hear without the distraction of multi-layered instrumentation. Stripped back to let the songs and the original singers shine through, just as if we are at that fireside in Canna House sitting room." Fiona J MacKenzie.

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