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(2002) 13 tracks: Chuir Lad Mise dh'Eilean Leam Fhin * Irish Jigs * Tobin's Favourite / Danny Anthony's / James Byrne's * The Pashmina and the Cromag / Back of the Changehouse / The Famous Ballymote / Quinie fae Rhynie * Waulking Song * Neilidh O'Boyle' Highland / Duloman na Binnt Bui / Sean'sa Cheó * Puirt - a - Beul * Miss Elizabeth Garland * Robbie Paterson's / The Marquis of Huntly / Jenna Reid of Quarff * Eilean Uibhist Mo Ruin (My Beloved Island of Uist) * Fingal's weeping / Inspector Donald Campbell of ness / Nighean aig a Chota Bhuidhe * Ray's Classic / Balleydesmond 1 / Balleydesmond 2 / Terry Teehan's * The Long Night / Tar the House / Na Goisidich * Am Bron Binn (The Sweet Sorrow).

Dòchas are a young and dynamic all-female band playing traditional music from the Highlands and Islands of Scotland and Ireland - Kathleen Boyle, Julie Fowlis, Carol-Anne MacKay, Eilidh MacLeod and Jenna Reid play fiddle, pipes, whistle, accordion, piano, clàrsach and guitar.

The five girls are all music graduates, who, individually and as a band, have toured extensively all over Britain, Ireland, Europe and America. They have an energetic and fresh style which has captured audiences across the country.

Dochas have appeared on numerous television programmes, and have performed alongside acts such as Altan, The Liz Docherty Band, The Incredible String Band and Danu. They perform driving tune sets mixed with poignant Gaelic songs, all tastefully arranged. Produced by Iain MacDonald.

Very Gaelic, very contemporary, yet firmly embedded in the tradition.

"Five female graduates from the RSAMD's Scottish music course who play fiddle, pipes, harp, whistles, and much more with commendable vitality and togetherness" (The Herald)

"Dòchas is one of the great feel-good sounds of contemporary traditional music. Julie Fowlis' voice has stayed with me as something special since the day I heard her join the band. She and the rest of the Dòchas girls have made an album that I dare you not to enjoy. Highland Music is blossoming now as never before - and Dòchas has to be one of its sweetest blooms." (Mary Ann Kennedy, BBC Scotland)

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