Iain MacKay - Creag An Fhraoich

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(May 2005) 15 tracks: An t-Alltan Dubh * Taobh Loch Lìobhann * Creag an Fhraoich * Duanag an t-Saighdear * On dh’fhàg thu mi ‘s mulad orm * ‘S truagh nach robh mi còmhla riut * Gur moch rinn mi dùsgadh * Puirt a Beul * Mo chailin bheag dhonn * Eilidh * Togail cùrs air Leòdhas * Hi ho ro mo nighean donn * Tha m’eudail is m’àighear ‘s mo ghràdh * ‘S truagh nach do dh’fhuirich mi tioram air tìr * Puirt a Beul.

Legendary Lewis singer Iain MacKay's second CD with Macmeanmna, confirming him as one of our best male Gaelic traditional singers.

Iain MacKay (vocals) with Allan Henderson (fiddle, piano, keyboard), Iain Joseph MacDonald (accordion), Ally MacKenzie (accordion), Angus MacPhail (accordion, vocals), Iain MacFarlane (melodeon), Iain MacDonald (whistle, flute, jaws harp, smallpipes), Kenny 'Fags' MacDonald (guitar), Chaz Stewart (electric guitar), Mary Ann Kennedy (vocals) and Lachie Ringo Mac'Ille Bhuidhe (drums).

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