Winnipeg Police Pipe Band - Legacy

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(September 2009) (43 mins): Parade Marches: Scotland the Brave / Rowan Tree / Wings * Shuttlepipes: Flower of Scotland * Drum Major's Salute: The Black Bear / Seige of Delhi * Smallpipes: Fiona's Fountain / Lucy's Frolics * Retreats: Green Hills / After The Battle * Party: Fittie Boatman / Irish Washerwoman * Legacy: Danny Boy / Waltzing Matilda / Farewell to Nova Scotia / Auld Lang Syne * The Stream of North Dundee: Bonnie Dundee / The Steamboat / Cock of the North * Pub Crawl: Pennycross Cottage / Flee the Glen / The Curlew / Behind the Horses * Address to The Haggis * Pipe Major's Favourite: Uphold the Right / Salute to James A Henderson * Shuttlepipes: Cliffs of Doneen / Drew James MacKintosh / Johnny's Jig / The Electric Pumpkin * City of Winnipeg Pipe Band / Jean Mauchline * Amazing Grace * About The Haggis.

Since 1920, The Winnipeg Police Pipe Band has electrified and stirred both national and international audiences with their masterful playing.

Tried and tested tunes, with some addition of smallpipes, shuttlepipes, vocals and guitar.

Pipe Major Doug Roxburgh, Pipe Sergeant Garth McCombe, Drum Major Rob Duttchen and Drum Sergeant Rob Chennells.

With Sean Johnston (guitar, shuttlepipes), Nathan Mitchell (shuttlepipes), Kyle Campbell (smallpipes), Chris Brown (bass), Colleen Morrison (vocals), Deborah Judith (piano) and Eddie Hidgson (spoken word).

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