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(July 2017)

7 Tracks: Gaoir (10:12) * Fuaim An Taibh (09:38) * Leis A’ Bhata (05:35) * Fairich (09:13) * An Lair Dhonn (06:31) * Cumha Ni Mhic Raghnaill (08:29) * Cionran (04:30).

Whyte is a collaboration between electronic composer and musician, Ross Whyte (Aberdeenshire) and Gaelic singer-songwriter, Alasdair Whyte (Isle of Mull).

Fairich, the duo's debut album, features ambient electronic arrangements of 17th and 18th-century Gaelic songs and original compositions.

Their music has drawn comparisons with Sigur Rós and Martyn Bennett.

Whyte are: Ross Whyte and Alasdair Whyte.

Guest musicians: Aden Mazur (violin), Alexandria Grant (violin), Michelle Baguley (viola), Louise Cooper (cello), Laurie Cuffe (baritione guitar).

"I was blown away by WHYTE. Hauntingly beautiful vocals immersed in sensitive layers of sympathetic electronica. I think this type of interpretation and direction could be important for Scottish music in general and Gaelic in particular." Alun Woodward (Chemikal Underground Records).

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