The Victoria Police Pipe Band - Masterblasters

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(1998) 12 tracks (53 mins): Me Clootch Is Awee / Megalomania / New Paradigm * Masterblasters Medley: Jimmy's Gift / Out of the Air / Radar Racketeer / New Year In Noosa / The Terror Time / P/M Sandy Gordon / Caledonian Society of London / Jenny's Chickens / Edwyn's Didji Place * Medley: Shoshannna's Lullaby / Caberfeidh / Cronin's Rel / Mrs MacLeod of Raasay * Solo Pipe Set - Danny Boyle: Song For David / Shovel Tongue / Humours of Ballyloughlin / Sporting Pitchfork / Whitby Roundabout * 6/8 Marches: Dornoch Highland Gathering / Mrs Lily Christie / Andrew K Sloan * Dance Set: Bouncing Off the Clouds / Neil Barr's Bulgarised Bouzouki / Demtel Schizophrenia / River Beat * Hornpipes: As Good As It Gets / Mr Jack * MSR: The Highland Wedding / Atholl Cummers / Mrs MacPherson of Inveran / Up an' Adam * Reels: Back In Black / Mhorag / Advance To the East / Thunderhead / Ca' the Ewes / A Glass of Beer / Rakish Paddy / Pady's Epic Journey * Hornpipes: Rowd's Hornpipe / Web Culture * Solo Pipe Set - Murray Blair: Top Deck in Perth.

The 1998 World Pipe Band Champions from Australia. P/M Nat Russell and Drum Sgt Harold Gillespie.

Also features guitar, shuttle pipes, didgeridoo and programming.

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