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(July 2016)

13 Tracks: Rescattermastered * MacPherson's Rant * Eilean Uibhist Mo Ruin * Iain Lamont's * John Henry * Sing-Along Ghaidhlig Waltzes * On The Tear! * South Australia * Homes Of Donegal * Highland Schottische * Here We Go Ab * Maraiche Nan Cuantan (featuring Kathleen Macinnes) * Close To Home (featuring Malcolm Jones).

An exciting second album from the dynamic west coast quartet, Trail West.

All band members hail from the Hebridean Isles of Tiree and South Uist, the music and culture that they were raised in remains a pure and refreshing trademark in the sound of Trail West.

Rescattermastered represents the next step on the journey!

With special guests including Runrig's Malcolm Jones and iconic Gaelic singer Kathleen MacInnes, this is an album that celebrates everything that is great about traditional music in Scotland and the appreciation that young musicians have for the tradition and culture that has helped to shape their lives.

Alain Campbell (guitar, whistles, vocals) * Andrew Findlater (drums, percussion, vocals) * Ian Smith (piano accordion, midi bass, vocals), Seonaidh MacIntyre (whistles, great highland bagpipes, tromb, guitar, vocals).

Guest Musicians: Alec Dalgleish (electric guitar), Angus MacPhail (backing vocals), Ewen Henderson (fiddle, backing vocals), Kathleen MacInnes (vocals and backing vocals), Malcolm Jones (electric guitar, bass guitar), Robert Robertson (backing vocals), Ross Wilson (bass, keyboard), 'Wee' Ewen Henderwson (great highland bagpipes, backing vocals).

"Trail West are an intriguing young band from the Hebrides. They may sound like Americana exponents but started out playing Ceilidhs, and were hailed as Scottish Dance Band of the Year in 2013. Their second album proves they are capable of far more. There are dance tunes, of course, with accordion, guitar and whistles backed by bass and drums, but these are matched against an impressive array of other styles. There’s a sturdy treatment of the traditional story of a hanging, MacPherson’s Rant, along with a gloriously emotional Gaelic ballad, Maraiche Nan Cuantan, with vocals from the great Kathleen MacInnes. Then there’s a singalong sea shanty, Seán MacBride’s poignant Homes of Donegal, and a rousing bagpipe and electric guitar finale, written by and featuring Runrig’s Malcolm Jones. And there is a dash of Americana – an entertaining and original reworking of John Henry, now backed by fiddle and whistles." Robin Denslow - The Guardian.

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