Tom Clelland - Handpicked And Collected

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CD1: Handpicked- 8 Tracks: The Grassmarket Butchers * The Ghost Wi' The Squeaky Wheel * The Devil And The Hangman * Dig * Carrion Craw * The Wind She Changed * The Balancing Boy * Berries.

CD2: Collected -15 Tracks: Slowdown * A Day Like This * Country Music Once Again * I Wish That I Could Write Like Old Guy Clark * Send Me Another Smile * Slip Away * Jack Jackson * Life Goes On * Stormclouds At A Distance * What's Waiting For You * Let It Snow * Bands * Next Time * How Far Is It To Babylon * I Will Bring You Home.

A double CD compilation from singer/songwriter Tom Clelland of twenty-three remastered tracks put together from his earlier CDs and live recordings.

They range from story songs based on tales of old Scotland to Tom's takes on country music, memories, simple pleasures and homages to his musical influences.

Other musicians include Wendy Weatherby, Clive Gregson, Steven Polwart, and especially Davie Scott who arranged and produced many of the tracks.

Cover Art - Savannah Storm.

"Tom Clelland has a pleasant voice, plays effective guitar, and has attracted some first-class instrumental support. But the real treasures here are the songs. For me, the tracks on Handpicked are the most interesting, but the country vibe on Collected is never less than engaging and includes some classy songwriting and performance, with some very singable choruses. And while cover art isn't something I generally comment on, there’s something very pleasing about Savannah Storm’s floral paintings." David Harley,

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