The World Pipe Band Championships 2014 - Part 2 CD

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Grade 1 pipe bands recorded live, Glasgow Green August 2014, in order of play.

Cullybackey MSR: - Links Of Forth / Susan MacLeod / The Sheepwife * Medley-Tartan Man And The Magoo / Off Beat / Dunrovin Farm/ Tune For Tamara / Fiona McLeod / Balmoral Castle / Kelsae Brig / Niall From Glenroe / Pipe Major George Allan.

Shotts And Dykehead Caledonia: MSR - The Highland Wedding / SusanMacLeod / JohnMorrison of Assynt House * Medley- The Seige Of Dubrovnik / Carnagie Drive / The Boys Of Ballymote /Megan's Lullaby / Lady Madelina Sinclair / Duncan Lamont / The Weasel's Cage / Philip Greer's Big Weekend / Bessie McIntyre.

Dowco Triumph Street: MSR - Links Of Forth / Dora MacLeod / John Morrison Of Assynt House * Medley - Flashing Light Syndrome / Nightmare On Ringhaddy Avenue / Humours Of Whisky / PM John MacDonald's Exercise / Pipes Of Peace / Maggie Cameron / Mrs Martha Knowles / Tail Toddle / Dancing Feet.

Simon Fraser University: MSR - Miss Elspeth Campbell / Blair Drummond / Pretty Marion * Medley - John Mackenzie's Fancy / The Coupit Yowe / Michael MacDonald's Jig / Morag Of Glendale / Blackley Of Hillsdale / The New Davie / Bessie Macintyre / Morag Of Glendale (reprise) / The Cameronian Rant.

People's Ford Boghall And Bathgate Caledonia: MSR - Brigadier General Ronald Cheape Of Tiroran / Dora MacLeod / The Smith Of Chilliechassie * Medley -Sam O'Rye / The Lark In The Morning / Queen Of The Rushes / Sad The Parting Catlodge / Duncan Lamont / Sir Brian Vallely Of Armagh.

Inveraray And District: MSR- Pipe Major J McWilliams / Bob Of Fettercairn / McAllister's Dirk * Medley - Helen Black Of Inveran / The Strathspey King / The Devil In The Kitchen / Willie Murray's Reel / Grim King Of The Ghosts / Bronni's Blue Brozzie / Dunrovin Farm.

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