The Tom Anderson Collection Vol 1

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The first collection of 60 compositions of Shetland fiddler and composer Tom Anderson.

Including slow airs, marches, hornpipes, reels, waltzes, strathspeys, and jigs.

Bowings are provided for all the tunes and all the melodies come with chord symbols appropriate for piano, accordion, or fretted stringed instruments.

Foreword by Magnus Magnusson MBE
Introduction by the Shetland Musical Heritage

Slow Airs:
Broch O' Hamnavoe
Carmill Head
Dunter's Ida Voe
Fine Hairst Mornin'
Jeanna's Tune
Lament For Lowrie Ida Lea
Michelle's Air
The Troublesome Tivlick

Busta House
Da Rod To Moreview
Grandfather's Fiddle
Laurence Fraser
Mangaster Voe
Miss Caroline Williamson
Ower Da Clave
The Shetland Lasses Greetings to Aberystwyth
The Tingon Road

Ladlewell Hornpipes
Miss Heidi Eriksen
Miss Jenny Napier
Miss Polly Wiseman
The P & O Hornpipe

Ady Boyd's Reels
Alison Peerie Tune
Angela's Reel
Da Peerie Moose
Danny's ReelDrew Tulloch
Du's Welcome Tae
Hamar Head
Jamie Stewart
Kirkigarth Croft
Linda's ReelMiss Susan Stout
Mr Bobby Peterson Of Califf
Nicola's Reel
Ruth Slater
Swarrbanks Minn
The Bjeorgs
The Heylor Blade
The Secretary (Mr Charles Arthur)
Tonga Sound

A Peerie Waltz For Eunice
Fiona's Waltz
Gail's Waltz
The Collar Dove
The Erratic Washing Machine

Slow Strathspey and Reel Medley:
Miss Barbara Mainlands's Medley

Slow Strathspey:
Auld New'rday

Mrs Babs Anderson
Red Ayre
Tanwick Haa

Fiona McArthur
Dor Holm
The Hill Of Tannoch
The Rocks Of Targil

Ulla's Tune

"They were calling him the saviour of Shetland musical heritage long before he died; and now, after his death in September 1991 at the age of 81, his life's work is immortalised in the first of three volumes of the unpublished works of the inimitable, the unforgettable, the great Tom Anderson." Magnus Magnusson KBE.

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