The Sandy Brechin Trio - Polecats And Dead Cats

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(April 2019)

12 Tracks: Tartan Punch * The Ruff,The Pike And The Bastard * The Bassplayer's Set * The Harmless Set * Bleeding Gums And Penguins * Lyme Disease And Hair Loss * Mr And Mrs Linklater's Fumbling / Jumbling Polecats * The Twiddler * Metamorphosis * The Set of Pain * Things With Strings * Horrible Creatures And One Dead Cat.

Polecats And Dead Cats is the debut album of dynamic folk music from The Sandy Brechin Trio.

Featuring a mixture of Scottish and Swedish music, traditional and contemporary.

Sandy Brechin (accordion), Jimmy Johannsson (fiddle), Christopher A Bang (double bass).

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