The Sandy Brechin Trio - Music From Polecats And Dead Cats

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October 2022

Sheet Music 

The first tune book by Sandy Brechin and his trio is a mixture of Scottish and Swedish music, traditional and contemporary.

Includes smash hits such as Admiral on the Bow, Your Drunken Fumbling Fingers, Den vanharskne Ljungpiparen, and many, many more - all with both chords and duet harmony parts.

Admiral On The Bow
Bastards In The Bushes
Brechin Wind
Bouzouki Reel
Butterfly Fingers
The Dusty Windowsills
Den etterfyllda gymnastiklararens samvetslova skepnad
Den Lapplandska elden
Den Snefasade punchgreen
Den tvalfagre brushanen
Den vanharskne ljungpiparen
A Jumble of Polecats
Lament for Kenny's Dead Cat
The Long Water
Mira's Tartan Staircase
Mr and Mrs Linklater
Pete Brady's Chummy Cheeks
The Pinch of Snuff
The Poetry Punch Up
Polska efter Olof Pehrson
Polska efter Persson Menlosen
Rollands mara
Ronnys kusar
Skatans dans
The Tazmanian Devil
Your Drunken Fumbling Fingers

 Music From Polecats And Dead Cats was composed and arranged by Sandy Brechin and Jimmy Johansson.

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