The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo 2011 CD

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(August 2011) 11 tracks: Fanfare * The Massed Pipes And Drums * The Band Of The Royal Netherlands Army Mounted Regiments - The Music Corps Of The Bicycle Regiment * The Brazilian Marine Corps Martial Band * The German Mountain Army Band * Massed Highland Dancers * The Band Of The Royal Netherlands Army Mounted Regiments * The Massed Bands Of Her Majesty's Royal Marines * The Massed Bands And Massed Pipes And Drums * Finale * March Out.

The 2011 event on audio CD, recorded live on the Edinburgh Castle Esplanade.

A wealth of talent from around the world joins forces on the Esplanade to stage the spectacular programme of music, song and dance which makes up The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo.

The Tattoo was conceived in its present form and first performed in 1950. Today, with its unique blend of music, ceremony, entertainment and theatre, it is without question one of the world's greatest shows. It takes place during the Edinburgh Festival and is set against the unique and amazing backdrop of Edinburgh Castle.

The music includes: Fanfare - Salute to the Stands * The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo / The March of the Cameron Men / Rhu Vaternish / In the Garb of Auld Gaul / The Gallowa' Hills / Dark Lowers the Night / Kelsey's Wee Reel / The March of the Royal British Legion (Scotland) / Monymusk / Fingal's Weeping / Asturia / The Jig of Slurs / The Gypsy's Dance / The New Stand / Teribus * King Soccer / Bicycle Song / Tulips from Amsterdam * Baianidade Nago / Watercolour of Brazil / White Wing / White Swan * Being the Kaiser Jager I / Munti Polka / Trumpet Echo / Bolzano Climbers March / On the Highway / Alpine Horn Concerto / La Montanara / Bavarian Defilermarsch / Tyrolean Wood Choppers / Anvil Polka / Being the Kaiser Jager II * Weave Begun / Waulk this Way / Stepping Up / Increase the Pace / Charms of Whisky / Thailer a Bha Me / Cabar Feidh / The Foxhunter / The Foxhunter Waltz * Champions Fanfare / Harry Potter / Night on the Bare Mountain / Hobbits / Somewhere over the Rainbow / Easy on Down the Road / Brand New Day * Per Mare Per Terram / Moon and the Superhero / Din Eidyn / Seafarers * How To Train Your Dragon Suite * Finale: National Anthem / Auld Lang Syne / Eternal Father & Sunset / The Parting Glass * March Out: Scotland The Brave / No Awa' Tae Bide Awa / The Black Bear / Scotland The Brave.

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