The Rough Guide To Celtic Women

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(September 2013) 26 tracks: In Shame Love, In Shame (Pauline Scanlon) * The Hill Of Thieves (Cara Dillon) * M' Fhearann Saidhbhir (My Land Is Rich)/Nellie Garvey's Favourite/'G Ioman Nan Gamhan 's Mi Muladach / Jerry's Pipe Jig (Julie Fowlis) * Summer Sands (Sharon Shannon featuring Carol Keogh) * What Are You Waiting For? (Karine Polwart) * Foliada De Caion ( Susana Seivane) * Turas An Anraidh (The Stormy Voyage) (Capercaillie) * Da Bhfaigheann Mo Rogha De Thriur Acu / Dhannsamaid Le Ailean / Cairistion' Nigh'n Eoghainn (Eamon Doorley / Julie Fowlis / Ross Martin / Muireann Nic Amhlaoibh) * Johnny I Hardly Knew Ye (Karan Casey) * John Riley (Grada) * Brian Boru (Cecile Corbel) * Amhran Pheadair Bhreathnaigh (Altan) * A' Mhaighdeann Bharrach (The Barra Maiden) (Maggie MacInnes) * Cuach Mo Londubh Bui (T With The Maggies) * O'Halloran Road (Teresa Doyle).

Teresa Doyle - Orrachan: Seacht Suailce na Maighdine Muire * Taladh Ar Slanair * In Ainm An Athar Go mBuaidh * Caoineadh Mhuire * Suantrai Na Maighdine * Deus Meus Adiuva Me * An tAiseiri * Rug Muire Mac Do Dhia * Gabham Molta Bhride * Don Oiche Ud I mBeithil * Seacht nDolas Na Maighdine Muire .

This special edition Rough Guide showcases music from the Celtic shores of Northern Europe and beyond.

An album full of exquisite vocals and virtuoso musicianship and featuring a selection of the best female artists on the scene.

In recent decades, Celtic women have been leading a revival in folk music. Artists like Sharon Shannon, Karen Matheson (of Capercaillie), Cara Dillon and others have achieved what was only a generation ago almost unthinkable, reaching mainstream audiences with Celtic folk music.

Today, the Celtic music world includes Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Brittany (France), Asturias and Galicia (Spain), and parts of Atlantic Canada and the United States (a result of large waves of Scottish, Irish and French immigration to the Americas).

Includes a full-length bonus album from one of the leading voices in Celtic Canadian music, Teresa Doyle. Orrachan is a collection of ancient Irish Gaelic songs. Teresa sings them with her trademark ethereal voice and effortlessly transports us to the beating heart of the Celtic world.

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