The Piper And The Maker - Hamish Moore Piping Concert

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Released 2004

13 tracks: Fin Moore and Simon Bradley - Seonaidh’s Tune / Cuir I Glun Air A’ Bhodach / Pigtown / O’Rourke’s Reel * Martyn Bennett - Mary Kelly’s / Glesca Tabla / Belle’s Fancy * Iain MacInnes - Because He Was A Bonny Lad / The Favourite Dram / The Low Country Dance / Woo’d an’ Married an’ A’ * Malcolm Robertson - The De’il In the Kitchen / King George’s Strathspey / The King’s Reel / The Old King’s Reel / Miss Stewart of Grandtully / Glenlivet / The Left Handed Fiddler * Anna Murray - Ille Bho Dhubh / Chan e Taigh air am bi Tughadh / A’ Bhriogais Uallach / Rugadh anns an t-Siol Thu * Graham Mulholland - Ballincrieff / Maggie Cameron / Miss Proud * Gary West - Drumchorrie / Galician March / Scarce o’Tatties / Langstrom’s Pony * Gordon Duncan - Abercairney Highlanders / The Cameronian Rant / Mrs.MacPherson of Inveran * Iain MacDonald and Malcolm Stitt - Fr.Michael MacDonald’s Silver Jubilee / The Four Courts / The Bobbers of Brechin / General MacDonald * Allan MacDonald - Oran air La Chulodair * Martyn Bennett - The Magic Flute * Angus MacKenzie and Gabe McVarish - Paul K’s Strathspey / The Rothiemurchus Rant / Mary’s Fancy / Mutt’s Favourite / Bodach na Tri Ordagan * Hamish Moore and Mairi Campbell - The Piper and the Maker.

The Piper And The Maker features twelve leading pipers and showcases Hamish Moore pipes.

All the pipes played were made by Hamish and Fin Moore of Dunkeld.


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