The Highland Bagpipe Tutor Book 2 - Transition To Bagpipes

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Learn The High;and Bagpipe

A guide to the playing and maintenance of the Highland Bagpipe.


Chapter 1 - First Steps
Chapter 2 - Getting Started
Chapter 3 - Blowing Steadily
Chapter 4 - Introducing The Drones
Chapter 5 - Basic Drone Tuning
Chapter 6 - Maintenance Tips Every Piper Should Know
Chapter 7 -Seasoning A Pipe Bag
Chapter 8 - Pipe Chanter Reeds
Chapter 9 - Adding More Drones
Chapter 10 - All Three Drones
Chapter 11 - More Maintenance Knowhow
Chapter 12 - Pitch, Keys And The Pipe Scale
Chapter 13 - Next Steps

"This new book covers all the technical aspects of maintaining and setting up the pipes, an area of a piper's life which I know from personal experience at school in Scotland many years ago to be almost as important as mastering the music... I would like to congratulate the Directors of The National Piping Centre who have given so much of their time to this project, and the expert staff whose years of accumlated experience at the forefront of the piping world are contained in this book."
HRH The Prince Charles, Duke Of Rothesay, KG KT GCB (Patron)

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