The Dynamos - 50 Years And More

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(September 2014)

21 Tracks: Keys In The Mailbox * Beer Barrel Polka * A Bunch Of Violets Blue * Darcy Farrow * Loch Lomond * I Did What I Did For Maria * It Looks Like You * Longhope Lifeboat Disaster * Hello Darling * Love Love * Jigs * Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain * Help Stamp Out Loneliness * Crazy Arms * I Knew The Bride * Achy Breaky Heart * Farewell Party * Somewhere In Between * Home On The Range * A Place In The Choir * American Trilogy.

An album in celebration of over 50 years of the Dynamos.

Includes a potted history of the band, who formed in 60's, although the line-up has changed over the years this booklet provides a valuable insight into the band.

Musicians: Manson Grant (vocals, harmony vocals, piano, bass, trumpet), Keith Macleod (vocals, harmony vocals, lead guitar, mandolin), Brandon McPhee (vocals, button box accordion, acoustic guitar), Robert Cameron (drums, saxophone), Alastair Macdonald (second accordion, organ), Frankie Sutherland (piano accordion), Anne Duff (vocals), Geordie Jack (vocals, harmony vocals), Heather Mackay (vocals), Brian Henderson (vocals, harmony vocals, electric guitar), David Shearer (vocals).

Session Musicians: Kevin jack (harmony voacls), Gordon Gunn (fiddle), Phil Anderson (harmony vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar), Richard Nelson (steel guitar), Aidan Cunningham (steel guitar), Crawford Bell (trumpet, trombone), Billy Law (banjo).

"We are deeply indebted to so many people, professionals in the music industry who have helped, and coninue to help us along the way and our loyal supporters, some of whom travel hugh distances to our gigs. it is always great to see you! Robert Cameron.

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