Tanglewood Traffic Light Clip On Chromatic Tuner

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Tanglewood Chromatic Clip-on Stage Tuner for Guitar and Bass.

Red And Green LCD display with stage backlight.

Includes 1 pc 2032 lithium battery.

Full Instructions:

1. Clip the TCT1 onto the headstock of your instrument
2. Press the Power Button for 2 seconds to turn on the TCT1.
3. Press the Power Button to cycle through the tuning modes. The TCT1 is capable of tuning for Guitar, Bass, and Full Chromatic scale. Select the tuning mode most relevant to the instrument you are tuning. Note that if you are tuning Guitar or Bass to non-standard tuning, use the Chromatic mode.
4. In Guitar and Bass mode, the TCT1 displays both NOTE and STRING NUMBER. In Chromatic mode, only the NOTE is displayed.
5. Simply pluck a string on the instrument to begin the tuning process.
6. When the LCD display screen is colored RED, the string being tuned is OUT OF TUNE. If the Meter is pointed to the left, the note is flat; if the Meter is pointed to the right, the note is sharp. Adjust the machine heads of the instrument accordingly to correct the tuning
7. When the Meter is perfectly centered, the LCD display screen changes to GREEN, and the string being tuned IS THEN INTUNE

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