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(November 2012) 11 tracks: Fionnaghuala * Hopa * Ajde Jano * Fear A' Bhata * Changerais-Tu * Saor An T-Sabhaidh * Spiorad Iain * Griogair * A Fhleasgaich Oig * Fill Iu O * 3 Things.

This CD was originally released in 1996 and is a mix of Traditional Celtic, Gaelic and Slavic music with pop rhythms and jazzy backgrounds.

Originally from multicultural New York, Talitha has been living in Edinburgh since 1987.

She initially became known in Scotland for her work with Martin Swan, under the name Mouth Music, who became much acclaimed for their innovative world-folk fusion.
After the split with Mouth Music in 1991, Talitha continued to explore world music in parallel with Scottish music, forming a women's cappella group Sedenka.

Spiorad (Spirit) is a captivating, upbeat album, combining great singing, backed by a wide range of instruments.

The enclosed booklet contains full texts, translations and personnel credits.

Talitha MacKenzie (vocals, clarsach, harpsichord, flute, alto recorder, keyboards, chimes, dancing feet), Chris Birkett (vocals, whistling, acoustic and electric guitars, laud, bowed sitar, strings, accordion, keyboards, marimba, bass, drums, saw, percussion, programming, samples), James MacDonald Reid (vocals, kaval, Scottish pipes, gajda), Nico Miranda (fretless guitar, 4, 5, 6-string and fretless basses, hand claps), Francois "Bubu" Boirie (acoustic and electric violins), Bimbo Acock (saxophones), Gerlof Lenten (didjeridoo), Ian Plested (keyboards, hand claps, programming), Jan Birkett (dancing feet), May Birkett (rocking chair), Bernie Krause, Jim Birkett (sound effects).

“One of the Great Voices of the World . . . an extraordinary artist.”— Frank Hennessy, Celtic Heartbeat, BBC Radio Wales.

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