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(1999) 10 tracks (50 mins): Waves of Rush / The Duke of Fife's Welcome to Deeside / Touching Cloth * Braes of Castle Grant / J S Skinner (strathspey) / J S Skinner (reel) / Loch Glassie / Up Downy * Helen of Kirkconnel * The Blacksmiths Reel / Hamish Moore's / Jack's Christening / Traditional Irish Jig * The Quiet Place * Frank Mor's / Nelly Mahony's / Matt Daly's Slide / Poirt an Deorai / Super Scot * The Bay of Biscay * Ca' the Ewes / The Slovenian Chicken / Iain MacPherson's / Machrivanish * The Newry Highwayman * Norman Holmes' / The Best Day of My Life / Sound of Seil / Bobby Casey's.

Aidan O'Rourke (fiddle) and Claire Mann (fiddle, flute, whistles, vocals) with Malcolm Stitt (guitar, bouzouki), Neil Cameron (bass), Donald Hay (percussion), Marc Duff (bodhran), Donald Shaw (keyboards) and Rory Campbell (border pipes).

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