T R Dallas - The Collection (3CD)

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3 CD set featuring 43 of his best loved songs.

T R Dallas is one of Ireland's most successful entertainers on the Irish music scene.

CD 1: 14 Tracks: It's Hard To Be Humble * Do You Know You Are My Sunshine * Momma Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up * To Cowboys * Nashville On My Mind * The Rose Of Mooncoin * The Last One To Touch Me * Cold Windy City Of Chicago * Everybody's Makin' It Big But Me * Carat Mind * Candlelight And Wine * Kisses On The Door * Gotta Get Rid Of This Band * The Family Who Prays * Nooren Bawn.

CD 2: 14 Tracks: Daddy's Girl * Faded Pictures * I Don't Work For A Livin' * Isle Of Innisfree * Shine It On * Whiskey Castles * Monday Morning Secretary * The Fields Of Athenry * It'll Come Back * The Keys In The Mailbox * The Pub With No Beer *
Mrs. Jones * Where The Three Counties Meet * Who Shot J.R.

CD3: 15 Tracks: Big Tom Doesn't Play Here Anymore * Danny Boy * Diane * I Guess I Had A Real Good Time Last Night * The Diet Song * What Do You Mean When You Say Goodbye * Drink In Moderation * Big City, Mountemple * Love Is What Life's All About * Oklahoma Morning * Road And The Miles To Dundee * People As Crazy As Me * The Wino * Mama Sold Roses * I Won't Go Down That Road Any More.

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