Sgoil Chiuil Na Gaidhealtachd - Enjoy The Ride

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(March 2008) 17 tracks: Amazing! Ross's * Bheir Mi Sgriob Do Thobar Mhore * Midnight Club * What Can A Young Lassie * Dipstick * Follow The Heron * The Change * Ged Is Grianacha Latha * Dearie * Ship In A Bottle * McCahill's Reel * The Blackbird * The Sands Of Kuwait * Saints And Sinners * Marion MacLean Of Eoligarry * A Dhomhnuil Nan Dun * Tha Thusa G'radh Riumsa, Thasgaidh.

Some of the finest young musicians in Scotland attend the School of Excellence in Plockton and on this double CD they are featured in duos, trios and bigger groups.

Some of the tunes are written by the kids themselves.

With Neil Ewart (Fiddle, Whistle, Guitar), Stephanie Harris (Clarsach, Vocals), Amy Henderson (Accordion, Vocals), Suzanne Houston (Piano, Whistles, Vocals), Rachel Lincoln (Clarsach, Piano), Emma MacInnes (Vocals), Coralea Mackay (Fiddle, Piano), Roya MacLean (Accordion, Piano), Kirsty MacCormack (Fiddle), Shona Masson (Fiddle, Cello, Piano), Struan Thorpe (Highland Pipes, Whistles, Flute, Sax, Djembe), Lauren Weir (Piano, Fiddle), Scot Wilson (Accordion, Bass, Vocals), Naomi Ballantyne (Fiddle, Vocals), Anna Black (Fiddle, Viola, Piano, Vocals), Calum Calderwood (Fiddle, Guitar), Robyn Gray (Fiddle, Vocals), Lewis Kane (Piano, Accordion, Vocals), Aoife MacLeod (Clarsach), Murdo Cameron (Accordion), and Hannah Beaton (Vocals).

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