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(January 2006) 15 tracks: Dominic McGowan / Last Tango in Harris / Inspector Donald Campbell, Ness * Chuirinn Suas / The Road to Errogie * The Last Pint / Nusa * The Silken Snood * Chuir I a’ Ghluin air am Bodach / Slow Reel / Kirsten’s Purple Hair / Chuir I a’ Ghluin air am Bodach * Smeòrach Chlann Dòmhnaill * Samba Set: Polka / Excerpts from An Cuan * The Dreadful End of Marianna for Sorcery * The Solstice Reel / Excerpt from Lord of the Rings / Reel Béatrice / Quinie Fae Rhynie * ‘S Gann Gun Dirich Mi Chaoidh * Fiddle Set: Donegal Highland / Guns of the Magnificent Seven / The Humours of Westport / The Turnpike * Thug Mi Gaol * The Ballad of Timothy Evans * Hull’s Reel / Punch in the Dark / The Gown and the Apron * Both Sides the Tweed.

Another accomplished offering from the pupils of the Plockton National Centre Of Excellence in Traditional Music.

Traditional in style and enthusiasm, with contemporary influence. Folk instruments and voices in numerous combinations having fun with Scottish and Gaelic music.

Sgoil Chiùil na Gàidhealtachd, the National Centre of Excellence in Traditional Music, offers top class tuition and an all-round, in-depth experience in traditional music, including individual tuition, groupwork, workshops and masterclasses, performing, recording, and the history and background of the music.

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