The Scottish Fiddle Orchestra - Live at The Royal Albert Hall

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(1996) 14 tracks: Elizabeth’s Royal Albert (Far frae Hame) * The Orkney Two Step * Scotland’s Yet * Polkas (The Butterfly Polka, The Primrose Polka) * Jigs from the Gow Collection 1784-1822 (Miss Grace Hay’s Delight, Drummond Castle, Peggie’s Wedding, Bung Your Eye, Money In Both Pockets) * Massacre of Glencoe * Old Woolly Jumper (Birthday Girl, Dancing in the Rain, Flying Fiddles) * The Musical Flea * The Glee Club - Robert Wilson Favourites (O’ My Jock MacKay, A Gordon for Me) * Irish Fantasia (Lark in the Clear Air, Phil the Fluter’s Ball, The Irish Washerwoman) * Western Isles Medley (Westering Home, Skye Boat Song, Marie’s Wedding) * Crookit Bawbee * Eightsome Reel (Mrs McLeod of Raasay, Fairy Dance, De’il Amang the Tailors, Soldier’s Joy, Mason’s Apron, Staten Island, Katy Dalrymple) * Auld Land Syne.

Join The Scottish Fiddle Orchestra on the Glasgow to London fiddlers' express, culminating in a spectacular concert at The Royal Albert Hall in London.

The fame of The Scottish Fiddle Orchestra is spreading all over the world. One of the highlights of the season is their concert in The Royal Albert Hall, for which the SFO come from all over Scotland to take The Fiddlers’ Express to London.

This recording brings you that magnificent concert - a tremendous performance!

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