Scott Murray – There Was a Love

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10 Tracks: Miss Isobel * The Can'el * Flying To Derry * Afterlight * Glenhappen Rig * Annie Rae * There Was A Sang * Strange Days * George Sanders And Gypsy Caravans * Miss Margaret

The latest album from the experienced folk musician Scott Murray formerly of the Scottish group Sangsters.

The album described as 'less folksy' gives the nod to his interests before he discovered folk music. In the 60s he sang R&B and jazz with the Seventh Sons at the Gamp and the Place, and with the Rod Manton band.

Scott collaborated with Dave Milligan who arranged the songs and tunes and produced the album, at Castlesound Studios.

Includes a booklet with background information to the tracklist.

Scott Murray (vocal), Dave Milligan (piano), Corrina Hewat (vocal, harp), Tom Lyne (bass), Stuart Brown (drum), Mikey Owers (brass), Phil Bancroft (saxophones), Martin Green (accordion).

" I had a notion to record songs and tunes composed since then, some since lockdown, and decided to acknowledge both the days before I became a folky and our stepmother, who was a fine pianist. Someone asked if I'd given up folk for jazz, and I replied that I identify as bi-musical. The album was recorded a few days after my 75th birthday - a fine way to celebrate. And I hope there will be another." Scott Murray.

"It’s a thing of great beauty, beautiful and honest." Karine Polwart.

"The CD is wonderful…folk music at its best." Roy Bailey.

"A voice in a million." Ian McCalman.

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