Sayaka Ikuyama - Spirited Harp (Irish Harp)

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(October 2006) 11 tracks: The Path Of The Wind * O'Carolan's Receipt For Drinking * Marnie Swanson Of The Grey Coast * Merry-Go-Round Of Life * The Sandhopper * The Two William Davises * Leaving Stoer * The Miller Of Drohan * Day Of The River * The Dragon Boy * Leaving Friday Harbour.

Talented and entreprenurial, Sayaka made the most of her opportunities with her folk music-involved father. Travelling to music festivals throughout North America enabled her to continue her studies of Irish dance and harpistry - returning home to Japan inspired her to fuse traditional and contemporary Japanese music with Celtic influences, to stunning effect.

Scottish and Irish tunes, and Sayaka's own interpretations of Miyazaki's film music.

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