Saor Patrol - Battle Of Kings

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(March 2019)

12 Tracks: The Ride To The Marches * The Chase * Stirling Craig * Road To The Isles * Aftermath (Battle Of The Field Of Shirts) fea William Van Der Laan * Bog Trotter * The Whipping Post * Copper Tun * Heart Of A Unicorn (Isla’s Song) * Amazin’ Grace * Battlefield Blues * Rebels Rising.

A passionate album from Scottish Celtic Rock band, Saor Patrol.

Saor Patrol deliver a rousing, powerful performance making the spirit rise and heart beat faster!

Saor Patrol are busily conquering Europe with extensive tours lined up and an ever-growing, insatiable fanbase of tens of thousands strong.

Released 2018 Arc Music Productions

Saor Patrol are: Charlie 'Chick'Allan (bagpipes), Mark Monaghan (drums), Kevin Johnston (drums), Andre Zeuner (drums), Steve Legget (electric guitar), Guest vocalist (William Van Der Laan)

"Well done bagpipe rock is rare. The 5-piece Scottish band Saor Patrol counts among the best representatives of the genre, combining in their unique sound Scottish melodies with Celtic rock." 5 star review, InMusic, InHard, Germany.

"Saor Patrol play music that is defiantly Scottish. It's a mix of Scots pipes, guitar riffs, and drumming!" The Independent, UK.

"The inspiration for this album comes from King Robert the Bruce, his struggle to become king and his fight for freedom for the Scots against the tyranny of the English oppressor Edward Longshanks. Hence the title Battle of Kings!" Charlie Allan, Saor Patrol.

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