Sandy Brechin - Out Of His Box

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(May 2012 re-release of 1996 recording) 14 tracks: The Gay Gordons Set: Hangin' Out The Windows / Smoke On The Air * The Drinks Set: Buckfast At Tiffany's / Apricot Brandy / The Ensign * Things With Strings: The Bouzouki Reel / Brechin Wind / The Tasmanian Devil * Colin's Set: Charlie Stuart's Jig / The Dirt Detective / Dunara * A Strathspey And Two Reels: Roddy's Last Trip / Highly Strung / Sonically Justified * Out Of His Box: The Drunken Tattie Howker / Your Drunken Fumbling Fingers * The Jazz Waltz: Tha Meudail Is Maighear's Mo Ghraidh * It's Accordion Music Jim, But Not As We Know It: Tommy Peoples / The Sloppy Bellows / The Masochist's Waltz * The Gas Set: Three Good Fellows / Charlie's Dance / Cape Breton Peurt-A-Beul * Timepieces: Nice Hands, Shame About The Face / Tune For A New Found Watch * The Jaunty Set: The Crapper / The Tongadale / Cameron Alexander Stewart Low * The Bassplayer's Set: The Dusty Windowsill / Pete Brady's Chubby Cheeks / The Long Water * Metamorphosis: Admiral On The Bow / Butter(fly) Fingers * The Last St Bernard's Waltz: The St Bernard's Waltz / The Last Waltz.

The ever inventive Sandy Brechin shows his contemporary style of accordion playing to the full.

Sandy has toured and recorded extensively with Burach, Seelyhoo, The Sandy Brechin Band and his ceilidh band The Sensational Jimi Shandrix Experience.

The original album was received with great acclaim and was voted one of the best folk albums of 1996 by BBC Radio Scotland's Travelling Folk programme.

"Every note is spot on, and there is a degree of control (a word which keeps coming up) in the music which is all too rare in folk accordion players: no racing away with a tune, and nothing so fast that the music gets blurred. Sandy's fingers may be a blur at times, but the notes are always crisp and clear." Alex Monaghan, The Living Tradition.

Sandy Brechin (accordion), Aaron Jones (bass guitar, bouzouki), Colin Macfarlane (guitars, mandolin, lapsteel), Jim Walker (drums, percussion).

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