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(July 2018)

9 Tracks: In Praise Of Home * Day One * Malice * Catriona's * Lust * I'll Never Forget * Forged * Horizons PT.1 * Horizons PT. 2.

The first exclusively instrumental album from the powerful four-piece band Rura.

All nine tracks written and arranged by Rura.

Enjoying a number of accolades over the past eight years, Rura were named Live Act of the Year at the 2015 Scots Trad Music Awards and nominated Folk Band of the Year in 2016
Rura have established their position as one of Scotland's most exciting contemporary folk-based bands.

Rura: Steven Blake (pipes, whistle, rhodes, piano), Adam Brown (guitar, electric guitar, bass, moog), David Foley (bodhran, flute), Jack Smedley (fiddle).

Euan Burton (additional bass track 4, additional rhodes track 9), James Pert Russell (voice track 1), Sheila Litteljohn (voice track 6).

"For us In Praise of Home celebrates our progression as a band - this was one of the biggest motivators behind us composing all of the music together as a four piece. The primary overarching theme for this album is all of us getting back to our roots as instrumentalists, composing and playing together as a group, whilst at the same time showcasing a progression in our sound. We're pretty happy with the result and we hope listeners are too!" Jack Smedley.

"Throughout the new album's writing process, the group felt there was the opportunity within some of the music to feature spoken word and sampled audio. Sampled interviews with band member David Foley's granny and Jack's grandfather – both sharing stories of their home – can be heard on the album. This recognition of their ancestry and the places Rura to name both the opening track and the full album In Praise of Home."

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