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(December 2016)

First collection from well known pipe Roddy MacDonald, originally from Benbecula now based in Queensland, Australia.

This sheet music collection was released at Piping Live! 2009. Containing 62 original compositions.

A must for any modern music collectors library.

Contents: Showacho (March) * Ralph Potter (March) * Quentin Bryce A.C. (March) * Bob Atkinson A.P.M. (March) * John Goodwin (March)* Coolhurst Castle (Strathspey) * Green Day (Strathspey) * Washington Court (Strathspey) * Famous Fourth (Strathspey) * Mrs Nadia MacIsaac (Strathspey) * Glenogle (Strathspey) * Beaver Club (Reel) * Pivovar Express (Reel) * MV River Rat (Reel) * Smoking The Wasps (Reel) * Electric Chopsticks (Reel) * Reedmaker's Reel (Chris Apps) (Reel) * Bullet Train (Reel) * Elav The Terrible (Hornpipe) * Jack MacIsaac (Hornpipe) * John Recknagels Fancy (Hornpipe) * El Paco Grande (Hornpipe) * Gaelic College, St Annes (Hornpipe) * Good Drying (Hornpipe) * Sam O'Rye (Hornpipe) * Secret Creek (Hornpipe) * Monmouth Drive (Hornpipe) * Queensland Irish Association Pipe Band 80th Anniversary (Hornpipe) * Passive Drinker (Hornpipe) * Vale Of Atholl Pipe Band (Hornpipe) * Superdry (Hornpipe) * Funnel (Hornpipe) * Oh Aye? (Jig) * King Danced At Dawn (Jig) |* Last Tango In Harris ( Jig) * Millstead (Jig) * Trevor Warnock (Jig) * Fritz Hoffman (Jig) * Adelaide Tattoo (Jig) * Willie Cochrane (Jig) * JK's Jig * Bootleg Brew (Jig) * Long Morning (Jig) * Apparition (Jig) * Jimmy Hey (Jig) * Pivovar Express (Jig) * Konjo Mimi (Jig) * North American Pipe Band (Jig) * Second At Pugwash (Jig) * Departure (Slow Air) * Distant Land (Slow Air) * Abercromby Place (Slow Air) * Woodhams Fiftieth (Slow Air) * Journey To The East (Slow Air) * Ruth Grant (Slow Air) * Lament For Angus Sixsmith (Slow Air) * Shonah (Waltz) * Good Times At Galliard (Waltz) * Harbour View (Waltz) * Margaret's Waltz * Lament For Kenneth Alexander MacLennan Of Connon Bridge (Piobaireachd).

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