Rowan Ross - Second Fiddle

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(February 2015)

9 Tracks: First Light * Let It Go * Nursing Home * Under Tide * Freezing * Eleanor Ross * Liquid Diamond * Another Book * Second Fiddle.

A debut album from Glasgow based singer/ songwriter and instrumentalist Rowan Ross.

An album of melodic songs and instrumentals self penned by Rowan that underpin the various musical influences in his life.

He is joined by a host of musicians on this album, including Alyn Cosker, Angus Lyon, Gillian Fleetwood, Konrad Wiszniewski, Louis Abbot, Maeve MacKinnon, Rick Standley, Rosie Townhill and Sam West.

Rowan has been a familiar figure on Glasgow's alternative folk and jazz scene, performing his songs and also playing violin for other singers and writers.

Rowan Ross (vocals, guitar, violin).

Featuring: Alyn Cosker (drums), Angus Lyon (accordion), BenTalbot-Dunn (vocals), Gillian Fleetwood (clarsach), Iain Hutchison (wurlitzer electric piano), Jo Mango (kalimba), Kenny Reid (vocals), Konrad Wiszniewski (tenor saxophone), Louise Abbot (marimba, big bass drum), Maeve MacKinnon (vocals), Mark Rafferty (vocals), Rick Shandley (double bass), Rosie Townhill (cello), Sam West (vocals), Sarah Horne (flute).

"A brave and eclectic record." Gark Clark (Songwriter, Producer).

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