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The Roke Collection is the accompanying tune book for Ross Miller'S critically acclaimed debut album.

This collection of tunes features all 30 of the tunes on the album exactly as played with all variations written in full.

The Roke is the town tune of the Ancient and Royal Burgh of Linlithgow where Ross Miller was brought up and is the official Town Piper.

The tunes in this book are all either composed by Ross or his favourite tunes to play. The music ranges from tunes he has played in pipe bands given a new twist to modern Jigs and Reels, there's even a pipe quartet.

The book is complete with photographs and stories from this talented piper's journey so far as well as detailed notes on each tune.

Track 1: Reels: D Major MacKenzie / Rona's Reel / Mornington
Track 2: Walka: Richard's Gone Bananas / That Little Bit Extra / Taol-Mor / Laurie The Blaster
Track 3: Grannie Betty's: Grannie Betty / Whiteface / Far O'er Struy
Track 4: The Three Set: Chloe's Passion For Willie McAulay / Angis J McNeill Of Barra / The Raft Race
Track 5: Strathspey And Reel: Lucy Campbell's / The Red Haired Girl Of Tulloch / Coinneachd Aig An Stuir
Track 6: Quartet: The Opportunistic Chocolate Bar / Ross 'Quartet' Miller
Track 7: Taoibh Loch Eite / Pipe Major Robert Rennie, H.L.I.
Track 8: Aye Right!: Leaving Arisaig / B'fhearr Mar A Bha Mi'n Uiridh / Aye Right
Track 9: Accidental Belterism: The Whistler /Chris Lee's Quimper Bilanos / Accidental Belterism
Track 10: Mum And Dad's: Eileen Miller's March / 0-60 in 21900 Days
Track 11: The Roke (intro): The Roke, The Row And The Wee Pickle Tow
Track 12: The Roke: The Roke, The Row And The Wee Pickle Tow/ The Tram Over The Rhine.

Design and Layout - David A. Hunter

Cover Photography - Martin Venherm

Image Manipulation - Louise Bichan

Tunes featured in the video: The Roke, The Row and The Wee Pickled Tow - Traditional The Tram Over The Rhine - Ross Miller


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