Robert Tannahill Songs Volume CCL

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19 Tracks: Kebbuckston Weddin (Fiona Hunter) * The Flower O Levern Side (Claire Hastings) * The Harper O Mull (Cameron Nixon) * Weel O'er The Braes O Yarrow (Fiona Hunter) * Echoes O Woods Bowgreen (John Morran) * Contentment / Away Gloomy /Sing On Thou Sweet Waber (Clair Hastings) * The Defeat Of The French (Cameron Nixon) * Disabled Seaman (John Morran) * Marjorie Miller (Fiona Hunter) * The Soldier's Funeral (Cameron Nixon) * The Coggie (Claire Hastings) * An War Ye At Duntocher Burn (John Morran) * The Negro Burn And The Poor Maniac's Song (Cameron Nixon) * Cruikston Castleston Castle's Lanely Wa's(Claire Hastings) * A Gem O Pearly Dew (Fiona Hunter) * Caller Herring (John Morran) * Langsyne Aside The Woodlan Burn (Fiona Hunter) * The Bard O Glenullin (Claire Hastings) * Why Unite To Banish Care? (Cameron Nixon).

This album was released to a standing ovation at Celtic Connections to coincide with Robert Tannahill, the 18th century Paisley Weaver Poet's 250th anniversary.

Dr Fred Freeman is the producer and musical arranger of the album.

Featuring Singers: Fiona Hunter (Malinky); Claire Hastings (Trad Award Recipient); John Morran (Deaf Shepherd); Cameron Nixon (Rising Star & Finalist Trad Awards) 

Musicians: Phil Alexander (box), Adam Bulley (mandolin), Marc Duff (bodhran, recorder, whistles), Angus Lyon (box, keyboard), Euan McLaughlin (banjo, fiddle), Frank McLaughlin (guitar), Chris Wright (cittern).

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