Reclaimed - Pipe Music And Song From The Scottish Borders

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17 Tracks: Jack Latin Lignum Vita (Annie Grace, Gary West And Fin Moore) * The Garb Of Old Gaul Set / Hacky Honey (Chris Norman And Dave Greenberg) * Over The Dyke And Till Her Laddy / With Her Tocher What A Lassie (Fin Moore And Matheu Watson) * Helen Of Kirkconnell (Fiona Hunter, Mairi Campbell And Iain MacInnes) * The Twa Corbies Set: The Twa Corbies / Saw Ye Not My Meggie / Crudds And Whey (Pete Stewart) * Now Westlin Winds (Hamish Moore And Mairi Campbell) * Gingling Geordie (Callum Armstrong And George Pasca) * The Night Visitor's Song / Willie Stays Lang At The Fair / Well Bobbit Blanch Of Middlebie (Iain MacInnes) * Alison Cross (Judy Baker And Annie Grace) * The Highland Watch's Farewell To Ireland / Landlady Count The Lawin’ / Duncan Gray (Stewart Gaudin) * Alasdruim's March (Paul Roberts) * The Jedburgh Ba' Game (Gary West And Ciaran Ryan) * Kilt Thy Coat Maggie Set / Linkumdoddie (Mike Katz And Iain MacLeod) * The Cairdin'O't / Stumpie / Duns Dings A' / Spark's Rant (Angus MacKenzie) * Jimmy Allan / Geid Him Lasses / Coffee And Tea / Skint O' Siller (Gordon Mooney & Shona Mooney) * The Football March And Two Reels (Carlos Nunez) * Saw Ye Never A Bonny Lass - archival track (Martyn Bennett).

With this album the Lowland and Border Pipers' Society has set out to explore Border repertoire.

A collection of tunes and songs with strong Border resonances, many of which have not previously been recorded.

The Lowland and Border Pipers' Society was formed in in 1983 at a time when when Lowland and Border piping had been more or less lost. Since those early days the Society has gone from strength to strength and is not only an international organisation but also has effected the biggest changes in Scottish piping culture since the introduction of piping competitions and the raising of the Highland regiments by the British Army at the end of the 18th century.

Each track features a different player or combination of players/musicians many of whom have been leading lights in the revival of the Border pipes, Scottish smallpipes and as members of well known bands since the 80's.

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