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Winner of the 2013 MG ALBA Scots Trad Music Awards Gaelic Singer Of The Year.

(August 2006) 12 tracks: Ruith Na Gaoith * Co Ni Mire Rium * Mo Ghaol Oigear A Chuil Duinn * Puirt A Beul * Inbhir Asdal Nam Buadh * Tha Na h-Uain Air An Tulaich * Mo Chradhghal Bochd * Chaidh Am Bata Sios An Rubha * Mo Run Geal Og * Ho Ro Chan Eil Cadal Orm * Soraidh Leis A Bhreacan Ur * Fichead Bliadhna.

Purity, clarity and gorgeous tone give this album of Gaelic song an edge over so many others.

Rachel Walker was brought up in Kinlochewe, Wester Ross and began singing in Gaelic at an early age. Since then she has studied Gaelic song at the RSAMD and performed throughout Scotland, as well as at festivals in Ireland Spain and France.

She has sung with various bands including Dòchas and Skipinnish, has often been on radio, and has clocked up an impressive number of television appearances.

She brings this experience to bear on her second solo album, demonstrating her ability to combine old songs successfully with new arrangements.

With backing vocals and music from Kathleen Boyle, Abigail Walker, Angus MacPhail and Allan Henderson.

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