Rachel Hair - Mostly Scottish Harp vol 2

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(May 2012) : The Three Goodfellows * Eilean Aigas * Bodaich Bheag Abriachan * Ruidhle Mo Nighean Donn * I Lost My Harp In Barcelona * Alistair M'annsachd * Ho Ro Mo Bhoban An Dram * Eibhlin Aruin * No More Wings * Hie Mee Stiagh * A A Camerons * The Keel Row * Mylecharaine's March * Kilmartin Sky * Lamb Skinnet * Francie's * A Swedish Waltz.

Second volume of Celtic Harp tunes, a mix of traditional and Rachel's own compositions.

The treble and bass clef notation is un-ornamented but fingering suggestions are given in places. A4.

"One of the UK's finest contemporary Celtic harpists and tunesmiths." Songlines.

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