Rachel Hair And Ron Jappy - élan

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June 2023

10 Tracks: The Transatlantic Proposal / The Maiden's * Dinan Dawn / Daybrak * Tom Toi's Polka / Battle Of Aughrim / Harper's Frolics * McLeods Of Waipu * Mrs John MacColl / Inverness Bridge / The Ferryman * The Erigmore Waltz / Irene's Waltz * John Macdonald's * Cape Breton Jig's: Professor Delbert's Birthday / The New York Jig / J.P Cormier's Jig * Bhannarach Dhonn A' Chruidh / Na Maraichean / Ceò Na Cailliche) * To The Rock: Inneen Kilkenny / Jerrey yn Theihll / The Answerer.

A second album from duo Scottish harpist Rachel Hair and guitarist Ron Jappy.

The album name Èlan is an ancient French word meaning energy, style and enthusiasm.

This album delivers a fine mix of traditional tunes along with Rachel's own compositions. 

The album was recorded by Scott Wood and mixed and mastered by Andrea Gobbi (GloWorm Recording, Carrier Waves Mastering).

Rachel Hair (harp), Ron Jappy (guitar),
Guest Artist: Adam Brown (bodhran -tracks 3, 8 & 10).

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