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September 2023

10 Tracks: The Jesster * The Humours Of Ardnamurchan * I Haven't Smoked For Days * Darcy's * The Sister Of Moses * Innes Drinks The Bru * Ann Robertson's Kitchen * Ortigueira * The Poozies' Visit To Carbost * Clunie Road / The Winning Bid.

'I See A World' is the exciting latest album release from the imaginative, high-energy band Peatbog Faeries.

With three new members Norman, Stu and Innes on board the album took shape over a week of writing on Skye.

Peatbog Faeries: Peter Morrison (pipes, whistles), Ross Couper (fiddle), Innes Watson (fiddle, guitar and vocals), Tom Salter (guitar), Norman Willmore (keyboards and sax), Innes Hutton (bass), and Stu Brown (drums, programming).

Special guests: Heather Macleod and Gina Rae the Bevvy Sisters ( vocals), Krishna Kishor (percussion), Ryan Murphy (uilleann pipes), and Helena Kay (tenor sax).

"It feels great to get this new album out into the world and to showcase our growth and development. The fresh perspectives and creative input have elevated our signature sound, making ‘I See a World’ an entirely new listening experience." Peter Morrison, Peatbog Faeries.

"With infectious rhythms, sublime musicianship, a fine ear for experimentation, and a loving respect for Scots tradition, I See A World is a rousing and breathtaking release and well worth the six-year wait since Live @ 25. " Billy Rough, Folk Radio.

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