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(December 2011) 12 tracks: March Strathspey And Reel: Captain D A Nicolson Of Lemreway / Mor A Cheannaich / The Guga Hunters * Hiort * Set Of Jigs: The Snuff Wife / The Old Woman Tossed Up In A Blanket / The Clare Jig / The Piper On The Hob * Jimmy Mo Mhile Stor * Schottische Set: The Hebridean Polka / Innse Dhomhsa Cail Thu Cadal / An Teid Thu Leam A Dh' Arnol * Oran Na Cloiche * Tune Set: Amy's Waltz / Alison McNay's 21st Birthday Waltz / Irene Meldrum's Welcome To Bon Accord / Mrs MacPherson Of Inveran * Dean Cadalan Samhach * The Prophet Set: The Prophet / Larry's Favourite * Tha I Tarraing Anmoch * 6/8 Marches: Leaving Port Askaig / MacLeod Of Mull / The Heights Of Cassino * 'S Fhada Leam An Oidhche Gheamhraidh.

A young band that met through the Wednesday Night (Oidhche Chiadain) group music classes run by Feis Eilean an Fhraoich.

They have evolved into a popular band at community events. This debut CD shows their talents in instrumental and vocal tracks.

Graham MacLennan (accordion, vocals), Mairead MacLeod (fiddle, vocals), Kirsty Watt (fiddle, flute, whistle, vocals), Caroline MacDonald (fiddle, whistle), Fiona Rennie (fiddle, vocals), Alanna MacCuaig (piano, djembe, vocals), John Murdo MacAulay (guitar, djembe, vocals), Guests: Sandy MacLean (percussion), Andrew Yearley (piano).

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