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August 2023

10 Tracks: Leodhas: Fraoch (Heather) * Carlabhagh (Carolway) * Dachaigh (Home) * Chorale * Dannsa (Dancing Puirt a Beul) * Gaisgeach (Heroes) * Extra Tracks: Craic (Fun) * Groove (Live) * A Gog's Trip To Lewis (Live) * The Land Of The Free. 

Nodha (Scottish Gaelic - modern, unfamiliar) is the musical brainchild of multi-instrumentalist Calum MacLeod. The project's goal is to explore musical connections between styles including Traditional Scottish Gaelic and Jazz using acoustic and electronic elements.

Calum MacLeod (vocals, clarsach, percussion), Liam Waddle (piano, organ), David Lloyd, Fergus Cook & Jack Elliot (electronics).

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