Niamh Parsons - Loosen Up

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11 tracks: The Big Bad Wolf * The Briar And The Rose * Clohinne Winds * Closer To You * Fancy Waistcoat * Gently Born / Micky Dans * Heartbound Express * I Know My Faith (Is Worth Much More To Me) * Loosen Up (The Hunter's Purse / Andy Renwick's Ferret) * Reconciliation * Seeing Things.

One of the freshest and most powerful Celtic female vocalists performing today, Niamh (pronounced 'Neeve') Parsons can grace any song style - from an Irish slow air to a moody rocker - with her uncanny ability to wrap herself in the meaning and message of everything she performs. Likened to such singers as Dolores Keane, June Tabor and Mary Black, Niamh's gift for deep-rooted interpretation is unmatched in Celtic music.

Niamh Parsons' popularity has grown steadily following her appearances both live and on record with the award winning group Arcady. The versatile group The Loose Connections shines throughout this recording, especially when working with saxophonist Richie Buckley (Van Morrison Band) and the extraordinary uilleann piper Jerry O'Sullivan.

Other highlights include a guest appearance by Roger Filgate (Wishbone Ash) on lap steel guitar. Produced and arranged by bassist, bandleader Dee Moore (who also wrote a majority of the album's songs), Loosen Up is a beautiful album of touching ballads, eclectic pop songs and genre-stretching instrumentals. The album's style bounces from the cajun flavoring of The Big Bad Wolf to the Spanish moods of Fancy Waistcoat, closing with the a cappella track, Reconciliation.

Niamh Parsons (vocals) with Richie Buckley (saxophone), Roger Filgate (lap steel guitar), Colm Fitzpatrick (bongos, drums), Pat Fitzpatrick (keyboards), Robert Harris (percussion), Jimmy Higgins (drums, percussion, piano), Alan Kelly (accordion), Neil Martin (cello, keyboards), Mick McAuley (button accordion), Fran McPhail (vocals), John McSherry (uilleann pipes, low whistle), Dee Moore (bass), Gerry O'Connor (banjo, fiddle), Jerry O'Sullivan (uilleann pipes) and Gavin Ralston (acoustic guitar).

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