Niall M Brownlie - Smuaintean Bho Cheann A' Bhara

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(September 2016)

Niall Brownlie (1925-2015) was a well known bard from Tiree, this book contains some of his best known songs and poems.

Contents: Facal - Toisich * Dealbh: 2 Barapol * Ro-Ràdh * Na h-Òrain * Clàr Innse * Alba mo Ghaoil * An Cridhe Tùrsach * An Cuan * An t-Urr * An t-Urramach Dòmhnall MacCaluim * An Fhicheadamh Linn is Linn Ùr * An Nighean Bhàn * Banrighinn a’ Chuain * Bàrd Bhaile Mhàrtainn * Beachd-smaoin * Blàr na Somme * Bliadhna an Tighinn Dhachaigh * Cha Till, Cha Till * Cogadh nam Falklands * Cuimhneachain * Cumha do Mhairead * Eilean mo Mhiann * Eilean Thiriodh * Eilean Uain’ an Àigh * Goirtean Dòmhnaill * Gràs Dhè * Loch Phuill * M'Eilean Fhèin * Maise Alba * Mo Chèile * Mo Ghaol Thar Chàich * Mo Ghràdh * Mòrachd Rìgh nan Gràs * Nuair bhios mi nam Aonar * Rìgh nan Rìgh * 'S Toigh leam fhìn * Smuain air Nàdar * Smuain is Iargain * Tha mo Dhùil * Tha Saorsa a' Tighinn * Till Leam thar an Aiseig *

A4 Landscape includes melody line in staff notation for songs.

"Traditional Gaelic poetry has tended to focus on love, and love of nature and homeland and whilst Brownlie largely keeps to those subject matters, he invariably adds a modern twist to the traditional poetic subject matter whilst keeping deeply rooted within the Gaelic song tradition. His song, An Fhichdeamh Linn is Linn Ùr’, which was composed in the early days of the new millenium, commemorates those who died in the wars of the 20th century and outlines his hopes that the new millenium would bring peace thoughout the world.

However, a song to Ellen MacArthur in celebration of her breaking the record for the fastest solo yacht circumnavigation of the globe and numerous songs in praise of Tiree’s landscape and people demonstrate that he was equally comfortable with traditional and more modern subjects matter.

The scholar and historian Ronald Black, in a fitting introduction, believes that Brownlie was the last of the traditional Gaelic bards. In that sense, Niall Brownlie’s compositions are not only poems but they are meant to be sung. Like many traditional poets before him, he set many of his poems to previously composed melodies. However, whilst his songs have been set to music and recorded previously by fellow Tiristeach, Ethel MacCallum, this book has a number of specially commissioned melodies by Ishbel and Màiri Strachan, sensitively setting Brownlie’s poems to music. The musical notation accompanies the poems and what better way to remember the fine poetry of Niall Browlie than to learn and sing the songs. Taigh na Teud have produced a fitting tribute to a true gentleman of Gaelic song whose love for his wife, island roots and community make this a must have book for all who are interested in Gaelic song and poetry." Gillebride MacIlleMhaoil.

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